Finally, the look down in the world also made Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco re-open a casino

ic Gaillard casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is slowly starting to show its stretch. This can be seen from several employees who began to be bothered with cleaning and sterilizing all casino rooms after easing their busyness due to corona.

Not only cleaning with a broom and mop, spraying disinfectant liquid was also carried out in several gambling equipment in that place. From game tables to slot machines, one by one they are cleaned with disinfectant liquid. Reopening Casino in Monaco Employees wearing masks clean slot machines before reopening Monte Carlo visit SBCPOKER.

Taken from Reuters, Casino de Monte Carlo has closed its operations shortly after the implementation of the lockdown in Monaco began. However, once the lockdown has been lifted, the casino is ready to work back on Friday with some new rules, according to health procedures. “For this reopening, the casino has been completely planned again by applying the COVID-19 health procedure,” said casino managing director Boris Donskoff, quoted by Reuters, Saturday (6/6). Reopening of Casino in Monaco

Employees wearing masks cleaning slot machines before reopening of the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. Photo: REUTERS / Eric Gaillard Not only applying strict health procedures for some workers and their guests, according to Donskoff, his faction will also reduce the working hours of the casino. Game tables are increasingly spaced according to local government regulations.

Besides, each player will have their own playing cards. Cards that have been used by the guest will be immediately eliminated by the casino faction.












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