Information from working hypotheses instead of confirmation bias in poker

I have recently seen an interesting column by Dr. Stephen Bloomfield, a psychiatrist who loves to play poker. “Don’t let verification bias affect your game,” he warned.

I have noticed a verification bias in many speeches and posts, where the speaker / writer only provides information, possibly distorted, that seems to provide their own pre-conceptual support; and he boldly admits that these “facts” show his thinking (bias). Or you can underestimate any controversial information by visiting dominowalet.

“In my opinion, the verification bias is like with yellow journalism, where a writer just briefly says contradictory information, if he does, or hides it at the end of a column where it tends to be read,” Bloomfield said. “Neither yellow journalism nor verification bias is dishonorable.”

This is the first time I have seen a “verification bias” applied to poker.

“You need to know your bias, challenge it and use the real scheme. But it was not saved, “adds Dr. Bloomfield,” if when you sit down at the table you scan the players and give an opinion. This should be your working thesis, not your bias.

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