It turns out that Casino Binion still brings classic Vegas poker to its game

Binion’s Gambling Hall is the place that made poker famous, hosting the first World Series of Poker. Jerry Benetatos (who follows Bennett), 64, is the poker manager for Binion.

His 30 year gaming career includes table game dealers (Caesars Atlantic City), table games managers (Venetian Las Vegas and Wynn Las Vegas), live streaming internet gaming consultants (Lucky 8, Birmingham England) and poker dealers for the World Series. Las Vegas Poker. We told him about his poker life.

GT: How did you get into poker?

JB: “My love for poker and gambling started at a very early age visiting MADUQQ. As a teenager I would quit school to do underground games as a runner in the Philadelphia area. As soon as I got tall enough to sit at the table I started playing the $ 1 and $ 2 Seven Card Studs.As soon as casino games opened in Atlantic City, I found my calling. I got into the business as a dice dealer for Bally’s and have been involved with gaming ever since.

“When poker was finally legal in Jersey I found myself playing 40 to 60 hours a week. I’ll finish my shift as a table games dealer at Bally’s Grand Casino then walk down the road to the Taj Mahal to play 20/40 or 30/60 studs. To advance our careers, my wife and I moved to Las Vegas in 1999 to open two new casinos in management positions – Venetian and Paris.

“When my consulting work in Europe ended in 2008, I returned to America just in time to tackle poker at the WSOP and thus restart my connection with poker.”

Tell me about your room at Binion’s. How many tables, games you spread, tournaments, facilities etc.

“Poker Binion currently has six poker tables spread $ 1 / $ 2 blind No Limit Hold’em and a variety of low limit games. We run two daily $ 60 tournaments at 1pm and 8pm, with Deep Stack at 1pm Saturday. The ranked player receives $ 2 per hour in competition and is entitled to high-end bonuses ranging from $ 100 to $ 5,000. “

What makes your room popular or unique to players? What’s their favorite game?

“Poker Binion being the original home of the World Series of Poker and Hall of Fame is a natural attraction for seekers and players who are curious about its rich history and old-school charm. No Limit is still a demand of mainstream gamers, but an increasing variety of mixed limit poker is being played. “

Are there any special events, tournaments or promotions coming up?

“We just finished our very popular Dog Days of Summer tournament series, which took place in June. Our focus right now is on daily cash and tournament matches. We host many private special events throughout the year. “

What is your view of poker’s future popularity?

“The next generation of poker players seems to be on the decline everywhere. With a dwindling new player base, poker room players and management should keep poker exciting and fun – whatever it takes! The main draw of poker has been the way to get rich quick instead of a game that is fun to play every day. Really, how many players playing in the local cardroom today will win the ‘big’ or just give up trying !?

“The allure of poker has always been social gambling interactions. A diverse group of individuals sit around the poker table, gamble and joke with each other for hours, not sitting listening to headphones and shutting down the world! If we don’t make the game more interesting for new players, we will definitely lose what we have.












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