Wynn Matt Maddox’s trust for the Resumption of Live Shows

Matt Maddox wrote an article for the Nevada Independent outlining his plans to bring the big gathering back to Sin City.

“For months, we’ve been working with University Medical Center (UMC), Georgetown University and leading laboratories in California and New York to study technology that can quickly and rigorously test thousands of people in a matter of hours,” wrote Maddox.

The test Maddox describes uses FDA-approved PCR technology and he has spoken with a medical professional at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, who can oversee the results of the rapid test visit.

A few paragraphs later, Maddox linked to an article from Harvard Medical School published in March and updated in September that said infected people took about 48 hours before they could be contagious.

With the information combined with the visit testing capabilities of BAMBUQQ, Maddox suspects that larger-than-current-permitted encounters can take place safely. A few days before Maddox wrote the article, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak lifted the 50-person limit for face-to-face meetings and increased it to 250.

Maddox uses the example of concerts starting at 7pm. He believes it is possible that the entire audience was tested between 12-4pm with a simple saliva test. The barcode of the ticket corresponds to a specific saliva sample and the technology will allow the test to be completed by 18:00. Anyone with a negative test result can attend, while a positive test will be denied entry.

According to the Harvard study, if someone who tests negative catches the virus between the test and the show, they will not be at risk of passing it on to other people in the crowd.

Concerts and other live shows have been the hardest-hit sector of the casino industry as mass gatherings will be one of the last things authorities are allowed to return. Maddox believes that the quick return for these shows will accelerate the turnaround of the Las Vegas economy.

“Obviously, we need state approval to implement this plan, but after working closely with leading medical experts across the country, I am confident that this approach can accelerate the recovery of Nevada, and not only for the Las Vegas Strip, but also for reopening schools. us, ”wrote Maddox.












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